Wi​ne Country Etiquette

Some things you may not know, but will assist you during your trip to wine country. 

1. Wearing perfume or strong smelling lotions interrupts everyone's ability to smell and taste their wine. Please refrain. 

2. Chewing gum and drinking coffee during a tasting will change the taste of the wine you are trying to decide if you like.

3. Sharing tastings is a great way to save money and set a pace for imbibing. 

4. Reservations are necessary for some wineries, because their permit requires that they see guests "by appointment". In addition, they have staff available for you at the appointed time. Please be courteous and be on time. If you hit a snag, just call and let them know your ETA. 

6. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated. It's OKAY to leave wine in your glass or pour it in the dump bucket. No one is offended.

5. Remember that you may be offered a tour of the vineyard. Stilettos don't do well. Dress cute, but comfortable. Wearing white is dangerous. One ill directed swirl and you will wear that the rest of the day.

6. Please use a driver. You are going to be offered so many tasty wines. Let someone else worry about directions to the next stop.

7. Learn how to swirl! Start with your glass on the counter. It DOES make a difference when you aerate the wine.

8. Have fun. This is the happiest place on earth. 

9. Ask questions. Everyone loves to share what they do here (farming, winemaking, food pairing) 

10. Come back for another trip. You can't experience it all in one or 100 visits.

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